Christmas Quiz 2020

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!


Nicole, Joep, Sophie and Rick


This is the FOAMed podcast jingle quiz.


Do you know which jingle belongs to which podcast?

Jingle No. 1

This podcast originated in Toronto and was founded by Anton Helman. Justin Morgenstern and Rory Spiegel are contributers to this podcast.

Podcast: Emergency Medicine Cases

Jingle No. 2

On this podcast, Simon, Rob and James highlight the papers that have caught their eyes in their paper round ups each month.

Pocast: The Resus Room

Jingle No. 3

The organisation behind this podcast was founded in 1968 and gained the title ”Royal” in 2015.

Podcast: RCEM

Jingle No. 4

This podcast was founded by Anand Swaminathan in 2015.

Podcast: Core EM

Jingle No. 5

Well, this dude doesn’t do jingles. Pay atention, the sample is pretty short.

Podcast: The EMCrit podcast by Scott Weingard

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This quiz was written by Eefje Verschuuren, Nicole van Groningen and Joep Hermans

Reviewed and edited by Rick Thissen